About Us

We help prepare and support leaders who transform lives in under-served areas

Equipping Global Leaders is a nonprofit organization that provides support, training, mentoring, and strategic business development for international students, refugees, and other marginalized adults entering the workforce or launching a career either in the United States or their native countries.

We specialize in social, physical, spiritual, financial, and emotional support, as well as training, cultural integration, encouragement, educational guidance, and help with developing strategic business plans.

Equipping Global Leaders prepares and supports its clients in many ways, including:

  1. Providing support groups
  2. Collaborating with institutions and agencies to provide education and training
  3. Connecting individuals to resources and supports they need to help them launch their work, mission, or agency in their own country
  4. Assist individuals to develop a funding plan so they are not dependent on donors
  5. Provide grants, professional support, and a donor base in the United States that will help them gather the resources they need before going back to their own country
  6. Assist individuals to develop a strategic business plan and initiatives
  7. Provide follow-up to offer additional training, support, and funding once they are back and started in their own country to help ensure success